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Orientation Session – One hour course to learn how Public Access Media operates.

In House Cameras:

Sony HXR NX100, Vixia HD, JVC 750 & The GoPro Hero 8+

MVTV’s Professional Kitchen Studio!

MVTV has designed a brand new State of The Art Kitchen Studio where you can produce your own cooking show!

Intro To Studio Production

In this one-session course, participants learn how to produce their own timely or live “in-studio” television programs with little or no post-production needed as many people enjoy watching Television programs in their TVs with a full motion tv mount. Hands-on instruction includes all the basics required to produce a multi-camera television show: camera and control room operations, audio, lighting, technical and floor directing and usage of MVTV’s headsets.

Advanced Studio Production

This two-session course expands on directing, audio, and lighting techniques.

GoPro Hero 8

Small, durable, and waterproof, the GoPro can be mounted anywhere to capture close-ups and POV (point-of-view) shots, a process videographers and filmmakers once could only dream of.

This one-session workshop that will focus on getting the most out of the camera, including lens and recording settings, memory management, successful mounting techniques, and more.

TriCaster Techniques

This one-session workshop will include a brief demonstration and hands-on practice with the Tricaster Switcher.

Light Kit: Field Lighting Techniques

This one-session workshop focuses on getting the best results from your field shoots using MVTV’s portable lights and lighting accessories.

Audio For Video Production

This one-session class covers advanced audio recording techniques for video production and advanced audio editing in Final Cut Pro X. Participants learn proper microphone selection, microphone placement, signal flow, troubleshooting, and the many corrections and enhancements available during the editing process. Prerequisite: Intro to Camera or Studio Production.

Planning Your Production

This one-session workshop presents producers with various tools to help organization and structure productions while increasing professionalism.

Planning Your Program

This one session workshop covers the writing aspect of your production. How to manage the idea and make it come to life!

Teleprompter 101

This one-session class teaches participants how to make the most effective use of MVTV’s DV Prompter teleprompter. Prerequisite: Intro to Studio or Intro to Camera

 Interview Techniques

This one-session seminar focuses on techniques for conducting a fruitful interview for both studio and field projects. Prerequisite: Intro to Camera or Studio Production.

Voice-Over Techniques

This one-session seminar is designed to offer techniques and best practices for creating effective voiceovers for documentary projects. Prerequisite: Intro to Studio or Intro to Camera.

Set Design 101

Make your show stand out! Learn how to design a set that matches the theme and branding of your show.

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion is an animation technique to make a physically manipulated object appear to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

Kids Filmmakers Summer Camp!

In partnership with the Featherstone Center For The Arts & The MV Film Society, MVTV offers summer workshops for children that provide an opportunity for kids to learn media and production fundamentals, make shows, and have fun at the same time!

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