Look forward to new productions for new podcasts from Joey and Soliel, funny stuff!

Also look for Heidi Carter’s new vocal meditation presentation.

Coverage of the Margot Datz presentation on Whaling Church Mural Design.

Summer Camp 2021 in collaboration with Featherstone Center for the Arts, and the MV Film Society is fully enrolled!

Look for those productions in September!

We are looking for Ag Fair volunteers to join us at the MVTV trailer.

Call MVTV at  508-696-9760


are available to members in Orientation, camera use, and video editing, using Premier Pro or Rush. 

Contact Michelle to make an appointment at michelle@mvtv.org or 508-696-9760.

The Tech Desk..

Multiple productions are happening at MVTV!  Tank Talk and the Vineyard View are busy producing new shows. Podcasts are now being produced in the main studio.

Big news! Comcast has upgraded MVTV cable quality for all 3 channels. Not High Def yet, (wait for the new contract) but upgraded standard def.

We are gearing up for the Ag Fair, gathering equipment, and looking for volunteers.  Call MVTV at 508-696-9760

MVTV Board of Directors

The MVTV Board met in a hybrid meeting on June 1st. Most were in person at MVTV (for the first time in over a year!), and a number joined via Zoom.
Steve updated us on Personnel changes here at the station…Kelly is leaving to pursue a medical career, Shavanae is taking over the tech position, and intern Jada Chatman is now a part-time employee doing Programming. Michelle will mentor them both on top of her usual duties. Congrats and best wishes all around!

Next meeting: ANNUAL MEETING WED JULY 14 – 4 to 6.


New on Channel 13

Bella (producing from Brazil)  and Michelle’s Bi-Lingual COVID vaccine podcasts in three parts

TV For  Living  –  Episode 50!

COVID Vaccine Podcast from Dr Curtcetrulo

Vineyard View—Sherm Goldstein


Members: Call Jada to schedule borrowing cameras, mics, and other equipment

* MVTV continues to air town government meetings, the MV Commission, School Committee, County Commission, SSA Board, etc. Look for them on Channel 15.


 News – Sports – Events
airs on Channel 13 every Monday
at 6, 7 and 9 pm
See what’s going on right here at home

NOTE: MVTV is looking for someone to do the news in Portuguese. Interested? Call us! 508-696-9760

MVTV Board of Directors Meetings

Board meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month, usually at 1:30, and now being conducted in hybrid fashion, both in person at the station, and on Zoom. Minutes of the meetings are posted at www.mvtv.org. Members of the public are invited to join for public comment.

* Please send us notification of your organization’s events to post on the MVTV Bulletin Board.

* Lost your pet? Notify MVTV and send us a picture – we can air the information on all 3 stations day and night to aid your recovery and reunion.

Pick up a brochure copy of this Newsletter at the MVTV TV Station, located at 58 Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road, Oak Bluffs.

MVTV Newsletter Edited by Ann Bassett – if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Newsletter, or would like to assist in production, call 508-693-9301.