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JANUARY 2021 Newsletter


This last month we have been in full work- from-home mode. All productions and government meetings have been done over zoom. It has been very successful and COVID safe.

MVTV is starting to use a new software called Cinamaker which gives us the opportunity to have our members do a complete production on their own over the same network. Great for kids and household members to come together and make something incredible.

We are testing and preparing for high school sports to start up this month. Our plan is to stream the games over YouTube and MVTV’s Channel 14.

Shows can now be taped via Zoom OR in the studio:

Safety guidelines for the studio:

*  chairs will remain 6 ft apart on stage.

*  talent will mic themselves

*  guests must go directly in and out of the studio, checking temp, and signing in and out at the front desk.

*  masks stay on up until the beginning of production

*  3 people allowed in studio (host and two guests)

Call Kelly at 508-696-9760 for an appointment.



Happy New Year! Our collaborations continue with students of MVRHS, The ASALH Organization, The Polar Bears of The Inkwell, and others. Our members are also creating new content.

The holiday season is finished but you can still enjoy our island community singing many chorals on our website at mvtv.org!

We are also very excited to put into motion our video podcast! The equipment will be arriving soon! Look forward to your invitation to       be a part of it!

Please stay safe and create media!


Class ScheduleNotice

All classes at MVTV are now taught via Zoom.

Classes are available in Orientation, camera use, and in video editing using Adobe Premier Pro.

Contact Michelle to make an appointment for a class:
Call 508-696-9760 

MVTV Board of Directors

The MVTV Board met via Zoom at 1:30 Tuesday Jan 5th.  Stephen reported that while MVTV is closed and staff are working from home, he is in the building during business days, and also reported that the studio is available, with COVID restrictions in place. New equipment purchases were discussed.

Next meeting: Tues Feb 2nd.



It is hoped that MVRHS Sports will resume in January – Look on Channel 14


  • TV for Living – new series from Mary Holmes – Weds at 11am
  • New Vineyard View – Everett Moitoza: ‘On Milton Mazer’, premieres on Wed Jan 20th at 7pm
  • Beacon of Hope Church – Sundays at 11am
MVTV continues to air town government meetings, the MV Commission, School Committee, County Commission, SSA Board, etc. Look for them on Channel 15.

Members: to sign out  equipment, call me at 508-696-9760

Equipment is sanitized and available for curbside pickup



is cancelled until further notice.



 News – Sports – Events
airs on Channel 13 every Monday
at 6, 7 and 9 pm
See what’s going on right here at home!


NOTE: MVTV is looking for someone to do the news in Portuguese. Interested? Call us! 508-696-9760

MVTV Board of Directors Meetings

Board meetings are now being conducted on Zoom. Minutes of the meetings are posted at www.mvtv.org.

* Please send us notification of your organization’s events to post on the MVTV Bulletin Board.

* Lost your pet? Notify MVTV and send us a picture – we can air the information on all 3 stations day and night to aid your recovery and reunion.

Pick up a brochure copy of this Newsletter at the MVTV TV Station, located at 58 Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road, Oak Bluffs.


MVTV Newsletter Edited by Ann Bassett – if you have any ideas or suggestions for the Newsletter, or would like to assist in production, call 508-693-9301.