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Island Announcements

  • Format: .jpeg
  • Size & resolution: 640×480 pixels at 72 dpi
  • Text: Sans-Serif Font. Do not use text smaller than 18 point
  • Color: Do not use bright colors, 100% black or 100% white in your image.
  • Images: Avoid using thin horizontal lines and overall sharp edges.
  • Content: Advertisements are PROHIBITED from all MVTV channels. Do not include any slogans, pricing information or call to action. Please leave out any obscene or unauthorized copyright-protected images or information.
  • Slides may only be used to publicize activities and events for island non-profits
  • Limit one televised slide per organization/event at one time.
  • For full rules & regulations, please see the MVTV Producer’s Handbook

MVTV Producer Content